...Sound healing, Stone medicine and essential oils...

Sound Healing

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 Sound resonates with our Soul. Dr. Leah works with tuning forks on the body on acupuncture points (no needles) and plays planetary gongs for individual and global healing purposes. The less invasive and incredibly powerful way to access greater harmony and unleash stuck emotions in order to radiate joy. Singing bowls, chimes, rattles and drumming may also be added to sessions which require or request a Shamanic level of healing and transformation.  

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Stone Medicine


 Stone medicine and crystal healing represent some of the most profound and deepest healing possible. Leah offers stones on body, in elixir (vibrational water tonics), and for feng-shui to her patients. Stone medicine was originally a part of the Chinese Medical herbalism tradition and Dr. Leah has taken two  year long training programs on the Classical clinical use of stones and has been practicing healing with crystals and gemstones for over a decade.  Best used for very profound and permanent healing and conditions which are Constitutional  or relate to our Jing / Essence in nature  

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Essential Oils


 Organic medical grade essential oils can be used on the body during and between sessions. Custom blends to treat all conditions and meet all wellness goals are created and offered. Diffusions can help shift the subtle energy in our homes and work spaces bringing greater harmony, more focus, and healthier living. Leah has taken two year long trainings on Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils and offers blends to her patients for successful treatment of conditions ranging from acne to the common cold, anxiety and beyond.  

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...healing at all the levels...

Cosmic Healing


Cosmic healing relates to our Soul level.  It connects us back to ourselves, which transcend family and even humanity.  It focuses on bringing the pieces of Heaven inside us back together and connecting this to other Heavenly and Angelic realms and Spirit.  We are all spirit, living our human existences. Sometimes our healing is beyond our bodies and minds so we focus on this.  

Ancestral Healing


Conditions that "run in the family" or are Constitutional in nature are said to impact the Jing or Essence.  Very often patients are concerned because of a family history of a certain ailment or illness.  Current science is indicating however that genetics are probably no more than 30% of our medical outcomes whereas epigenetics account for 70% or more.  Your environment, relationships, stress levels and food consumption matter!  Let's focus on what we can change and work to change that that seems very fixed as well.  Stones, oils, sound, Eight Extraordinary Vessels are all well suited to do this deep level healing work. 

Spiritual Healing


Spirit is the how we are all connected.  

Spirit is where we come from and will return to. Spirit is called by many names and does not require humans to believe or not believe in it.

Spirit is our sense of connection, a purpose, and deep knowing that there is something which is much greater than our own lives; that we are meant to be together in life and relationships in order to learn and grow and evolve.  Spirit in the end will call each one of us home.  

Every Day Miracles


You are a miracle!  Symptoms of illness and dis-ease tell us the system is out of balance and needs our honest and open attention.  CCM translates signs and symptoms into stories that weave body, mind and spirit together.  From here Dr. Leah creates a treatment plan to address your chief complaint (reason you came to acupuncture) and the underlying causes of this imbalance.  When the Healing happens it is a miracle.  Each. Time. 

Shamanic Journey


Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing.  

Diving into the Deep Mystery without an expectation for outcome is this work.

Based on intuition and various dimensional guides this practice is magical and transformative.  

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Reconnect with Nature


We are living a disconnected life.  One that is separate from our own nature which is Nature.  Reconnecting with the natural world is an important first step for everyone, particularly people with taxing lives, children, and anyone who is experiencing dis-ease or imbalance.  Please do take a walk in the woods, sit by the River, take your shoes off and plant your feet on the Earth.  She is waiting for your return and so are you.