whole, healthy foods + Common Sense = wellness in ccm

Local, Seasonal, Organic Foods

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Quality In = Quality Out.  We want to give our bodies foods which are nutrient rich, grown in the environment we are in, and free from chemicals including herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.  Dr. Leah recommends local farmer's markets, CSAs with local farms, and supporting slow agriculture, whenever possible.  Staying in harmony with the seasons is important so eating locally is a recommended practice.  

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Well Cooked Warming Foods

chinese medicine csa farm foods organics natural healing dr leah schwartz verplanck acupuncture

Our Stomach and Spleen relate to the Earth Element according to Classical Chinese Medicine.  Humans cannot digest raw foods.  Rather, we use our own Yang Qi (digestive energy) to "cook" the foods once we consume it.  For many people with digestive upset, bowel irregularity and difficulty maintaining temperature, very often we find switching to warm and warming foods is helpful. 

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Lifestyle Choices


Lifestyle choices are the decisions we make everyday which impact our health and wellbeing.  How much clean, fresh water do we take?

Are we getting enough rest and at the right times?

What are we doing to manage stress and anxiety? Are our lives filled with loving and healthy relationships that nourish and fulfill us?

Do we need a bit of help finding the answers to these questions?  It's all a part of the practice at Lifted Heart and working with Dr. Leah. 

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Skip the Sugar, Dairy + Gluten

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Sugar, dairy, and gluten all cause dampness and phlegm which in turn create heat and inflammation in the body.  Many of today's modern patterns of dis-ease are calling attention to dietary irregularities and a lack of quality foods being consumed.  Processed foods and those packaged in plastic are harmful to human health and should be eliminated if not drastically reduced for health and healing purposes.  Mental and emotional, skin, gynecological, digestive, hormonal, auto-immune and oncology should all be addressed with dietary changes first.  

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Intake Fresh, Clean Water


Fresh clean water in ounces equal to half one's weight in pounds is recommended.  Example, a person who is 150 lbs should drink 75 oz of filtered water daily.  Filtered water should ideally be consumed out of a glass or stainless steel container as plastics can leach estrogens and other chemicals such as BPAs into our bodies.  Adding hormones and chemicals to our water is not good practice.  Rather, we want to remove any toxicity to be sure we are consuming the best quality water available to us.  We use a whole house filter by Aquasana in the office so all the water is clean and safe to consume.  We then charge the water using a vortex tool which restores the living helix structure to the water molecules itself.  Using stones and sound is another way to add charge to our drinking water. 

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Get Adequate Rest

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In Chinese Medicine we have a time clock that places each two hour time frame with an optimal activity which allows our organs and energy systems to get the proper rest required.  Sleep is best taken from 10pm (at the latest!) onward.  Skipping a moderate bedtime, even when we get a good number of hours of sleep can damage our health and reduce our body's ability to heal itself, naturally.  Avoiding the use of overhead lights and screens (TV, phones, tablets, etc) after the sun goes down will help us be ready for rest earlier.  Waking up refreshed with the sun or in the early morning hours allows our energy to be harmonized with the cycle of the sun and moon.  Overall, this simple practice can help promote greater health and wellbeing for the entire family.

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Resolve or Reframe Negativity


Negativity represents that which we are not aligned with or have yet to understand.  This is known as dissonance.  Ideally, we want to find resonance and harmony in our lives.  Sometimes resolving that we cannot change certain things or other people and reframing challenges as invitations or opportunities to grow and evolve within ourself can be a powerful step in healing.  While it is not always as simple as it sounds, the practice of "letting go" is something that allows us to reduce anger and resentment in our lives and have acceptance and peace with what is.  

Find Love + Support


We all need and deserve Love.  

We all need and deserve Support.  '

We all need and deserve Kindness + Care.

Sometimes before we find this in another person, we have to harness this within our own selves.  

Sometimes, rather than give it all away to kids, students, work (etc) we have to save some for us.

Learning boundaries and self care strategies empower patients to live their best lives long after their acupuncture sessions are over.  These are the lasting gifts of this medicine, which is all about connecting to our own inner + higher selves. 

Reduce Stress + Anxiety


Stress and anxiety are impacting hundreds of millions of Americans.  The good news is, acupuncture and CCM can help.  Stress management is important in our lives, particularly when we have very demanding jobs, family commitments and or health issues to address.  Classical Chinese Medicine works on healing from the cellular to the spiritual level and is an "inside out" type of process.  Even when we work with the physical body the emotional and mental body cannot help but be positively impacted.  This holistic synergy is the great gift of CCM and we hope to share it with you soon.