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Wellness Services

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Wellness practices promotes health and seek balance rather than waiting to get sick.  

Dr. Leah works with organic medicinal grade essential oils, stone medicine, sound healing, and teaches meditation and manifestation techniques.  She is committed to empowering each individual in her practice. 


Classical Acupuncture

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Classical Acupuncture utilizes 62 meridian systems and is taught by oral tradition via a living Master.  Working on the levels of Sinew Meridians (physical body), Wei Qi (immune system), Ying Qi (digestive energy), Luos (emotions), Divergents (genetics) Dr. Leah has been practicing Classical Acupuncture in NYC, Brooklyn, and the Hudson Valley for 15+ years.  


Lifestyle Support

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Dietary therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), remembering we are a part of nature and home-care strategies  for increased wellbeing, Restore balance, bring peace and order to our lives.  We can do many things for our own health + wellbeing.  This is Dr. Leah's focus and the primary goal of Lifted Heart.


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